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When’s the last time you saw a 1979 Mercury Capri for sale, equipped with the European Sport Option? Just this second. Think of it not as a hearing aid-hued hoopty, but as instant, inexpensive access to every retro-themed car show in North America.

retrieved Monday May 16, 2022

  • “Beau Mercury Zéphyr 1979 ESO (European Sport Option). 80 000 km. Moteur 6 cylindres 200pc automatique. Très propre et très fiable. L'inspection mécanique fait en 2013 (tout est fonctionnel et sécuritaire). Ce n'est pas une auto a 20 000$ mais pour le prix il est parfait. Si l'annonce est la, il est encore dispo. Acheteur sérieux seulement.” – Sylvain Lafortune, facebook.com
  • translation: Beautiful 1979 Mercury Zephyr ESO (European Sport Option). 80,000 km. Automatic 200 pc 6 cylinder engine very clean and very reliable . Mechanical inspection done in 2013 (everything is functional and safe). It's not a $20,000 car but for the price it's perfect. If the ad is there, it's still available Serious buyer only.
  • Currency: Cdn. (Canadian Dollar)
  • URL: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1059408344653397/
  • last status: online
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