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I get the appeal of importing JDM cars. Now, I ask: what are your thoughts on EDM? ;) If you didn’t see this authentic VW Motorsport Lupo and immediately imagine hopping in and hurling it around your local track day, what’s your excuse?

retrieved Monday May 16, 2022

translation: “After Ebay has deleted my ad, I now offer the car again.
However, not with such a detailed text, as it allegedly violated the terms of use.

  • Lupo GTI
  • VW Motorsport body
  • Engine power 220HP
  • Sequential transmission
  • Electric water pump
  • Electric power steering
  • MD35 control unit
  • Bilstein coilover suspension
  • CANChecked display
  • Wiecher's roll cage
  • 8x15 ATS DTC
  • 4x new Avon Slicks
    “If you are seriously interested, I would be happy to send you further data.”

“Nachdem Ebay meine Anzeige gelöscht hat, biete ich das Auto nun erneut an. Allerdings nicht mit einem so ausführlichen Text, da dieser angeblich gegen die Nutzungsbedingungen verstoßen hat.

  • Lupo GTI
  • VW Motorsport Karosserie
  • Motorleistung 220PS
  • Sequentielles Getriebe
  • Elektrische Wasserpumpe
  • Elektrische Servolenkung
  • MD35 Steuergerät
  • Bilstein Gewindefahrwerk
  • CANChecked Display
  • Wiechers Überrollkäfig
  • 8x15 ATS DTC
  • 4x neue Avon Slicks

“Bei ernsthaftem Interesse kann ich gerne weitere Daten zukommen lassen.”

– seller: J W, ebay.de

Please let me know if the ad is changed / removed, or if it’s your car and would like it removed from this site: michael@speedster.news

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