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speedster.news publishes original stories about noteworthy new concepts, model updates, new vehicles, and race cars

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speedster.news publishes original stories about noteworthy new concepts, model updates, new vehicles, and race cars


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This publication was inspired by the vehicles people fall in love with: cheap, stylish, focused, fast—or too interesting to ignore.

– Michael Banovsky, publisher

Some questions, answered

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Why are speedster.news stories so short?

Stories are purposefully short because they're focused for readers—speedster.news is about things that exist or will exist: vehicles, products, designs, tech, software (and more).

Call it "edited", or "curated" or "only the essentials" but the speedster.news approach is also our way of pushing back against the bloat, cookies, pop-ups, and garbage that many websites laden themselves with.

We only link out to correct and verified sources of information. 

tl;dr: visit speedster.news, get informed…then share our stories (along with your opinion) somewhere else 😇

Who writes this?

speedster.news is written daily by Michael Banovsky in Canada. 

Why aren't you covering ____________?

To maintain drive, focus & respect for our subscribers, speedster.news prioritizes a few clear topics: new concepts, model updates, vehicles, race cars—plus—transportation-focused aftermarket, art, concept renders, fashion, film, gaming, software, and tech. The new, shareable, and remarkable.

We professionally stay informed about but don't usually cover the following topics as full stories, unless it's something quite special:

  • auctions
  • classic cars
  • comparison tests
  • crash tests
  • government news
  • idle speculation
  • low quality reviews
  • museums
  • NFTs
  • people (appointments, deaths, hires, etc.)
  • podcasts
  • plants closing / opening
  • product teasers
  • production start / stops
  • racing results
  • recalls
  • regulations
  • sales promotions
  • sales results
  • spy shots
  • Top 10 Ways To Love Every Minute Of Your Car's Existence
  • vehicle pricing
  • Why You Want To Hug Every Mazda Miata
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why is there no comments section?

Several reasons, actually. Mainly: it's more open and fun and exciting to just talk about cars on Twitter. Drop me a note there, share a speedster.news link and let's start a discussion!

Michael Banovsky – @banovsky 

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  • taking some financial pressure off;

…so we can make a living doing what we love. This is not a side hustle.