Screenshot of the Google News publisher center
Screenshot of the Google News publisher centerβ€”we are verified! πŸ‘

Behind the news part 2

Updates on for members, including what has been done so far and what's coming up next

I never want to mistake my experience or memories of working in media in the past as proof of competency in media today. What happened before, the lessons learned, and achievements unlocked only matter as much as readers are willing to revisit this site and what I / we do, regularly.

Last week, I wrote the first in this series and covered the site technology, payments, and β€˜why news’. Now I’m going to talk about sending cadence, Weekend Editions, and asking for your advice for building media contacts to stay current on breaking news releases. Let’s dive in ;)

Last week’s list:

βœ… Google News syndication

βœ… updated footer (see footer)

βœ… updated About section for cookies, GDPR, ad networks, and tracking (About & footer)

βœ… master chronological story list for paid members

βœ… public changelog

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