⚒ speedster.news is under construction ⚒

In the future, speedster.news hopes to grow to a point we're able to work with new & established creators like. Our contact details are available if you like what we're doing so far and want to contribute as a collaborator.

For now, this is a team of 1 working to create stories, make the site better, do marketing, invoicing, web design, graphic design…

This is not to discourage you: it is to encourage you. If you see something (broken links, bugs, typos, weird layouts, email problems, and so on) that needs to be addressed, please point it out via the contact form.

Help to develop the open source CMS behind speedster.news:

Ghost is a non-profit organization, and it gives away all of its intellectual property as open source software. If you believe in what they do, there are a number of ways you can help:

  • Contribute code via GitHub
  • Contribute financially via GitHub Sponsors
  • Contribute financially via Open Collective
  • Contribute reviews via writing a blog post
  • Contribute good vibes via telling your friends about us

Thanks for checking us out! -mb