It’s Friday somewhere, which could only mean a 1-of-2000 Volkswagen Bora R, sim racing maturing as a sport but not as a career, and watching pure joy with friends on the Nürburgring.

If you can think of a car, there’s probably a specialist shop out there, somewhere, for it. I knew that FAW-Volkswagen built cars in China for many years, what I didn’t expect to learn about is a dealer that specializes in desirable (CDM?) Volkswagens. With classic looks, mechanical rebuilds and light customization, the wares at Han Chung Classics Co. (汉中门旧车社) definitely caught my eye.

I can’t decide if I like the warmed over China-only Volkswagen Bora R or the 2008 FAW-Volkswagen Santana Wagon rocking a 1.8-litre 4-cylinder engine, 5-speed manual transmission, mechanical restoration and tastefully backdated interior… Shipping can be arranged to major destinations.

Read about the Bora R in Car News China. via and Instagram @hanchungclassics.

photo illustration of man playing sim game, pixelated

I have strong feelings about how a healthy sim racing and gaming community can improve cars and transportation for everyone. Sony and Polyphony Digital, publishers of Gran Turismo—the original racing simulator—seem to no longer think so.

After creating the world’s first pro-level gaming tournament that led to a handful of racing careers (shout out to Jann Mardenborough!), as Jalopnik exclusively reports, many of Gran Turismo’s top players see little reason to keep investing their efforts on the platform.

The full article is a quick 5 minute read and makes me hope that one day the right people are hired, key rules relaxed, and investments made to ensure the series gets back on track. Put players first and the rest will follow. via Jalopnik

Promise: this is the perfect good vibes Friday lunchtime video. via Misha Charoudin

The Nürburgring needs no introduction, but racer, instructor, and hot lapper Misha Charoudin might. Misha is quickly becoming a favourite creator of mine for his honest assessments of his own (rare) mistakes, great attitude toward driving fast, and generally putting safety first.

His latest upload features a mildly uprated Saab 93 convertible, three passengers, and tons of laughter as Misha is able to keep up with much faster machinery. (The upload has chapters for the intro and start of the lap.)

Want something faster? His passenger lap with world class racer Robert Kubica is already legendary. Enjoy!


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