Lamborghini’s latest is a high riding SUV sports car with roof rails, highballing sellers online, and joining the classic GT car club.

Lamborghini Sterrato preview • via Lamborghini

What is brave about a Lamborghini? As part of Audi AG, which is part of the Volkswagen Group, building supercars, sports cars, and SUVs for the rich seems as brave as asking for more foam on a Starbucks latte. Courageous is Nissan pulling out of Russia but marketing the hell outta its own ‘Z’.

Anyway, on the side of this Huracan Sterrato (slang for ‘dirt’) prototype are the words, BRAVE, AUTHENTIC, UNEXPECTED—and for once I don’t think they matter. “Decorative English” is something used commonly in Asia to, well, decorate things in words but not to convey meaning.

Here, despite what I’m sure were best wishes and warmest regards from the marketing department are not the three guiding words they’ve had on a PowerPoint since 2019. They are the Instagram-perfect Live, Laugh, Love symbols for a new generation of motorists and matching 1:43-scale Sterrato desk toys.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see the fun. Overall it’s a meh from me. If you want a classic Lamborghini feel in modern clothes, amazingly: shop a top trim Lexus?

“What the world needs now is this”
Jonny Lieberman, on the Sterrato prototype (in 2019)

I’ve been loving this Donut Media series on paying more for car parts and accessories listed online. From first writing sellers to eventually handing over (way) more money than an item is worth, it’s for sure an entertaining way to give a little back to the car community. Hilarious.

1967 Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2, €380,000 • For probably about the same price as a Sterrato, here’s a rare Lamborghini you’d for sure cover in protective film before any cross-continent drives.

Mind, don’t expect any modern driving modes, reliability, or creature comforts. But its Touring Superleggera bodywork will remain effortlessly ‘cool’ long after the youths have finished playing in the puddles out back. Car listed via

Extra, extra • One of my favourite old Petrolicious videos is of a particularly special 400 with tons of mileage.


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