Visiting a wild big rig truck show in Thailand, you can buy the world’s smallest convertible EV, and an enthusiast garage owner’s road test of a Mitsubishi Evolution IX wagon.

NSFW caution • I can’t write much about at CB Media’s latest vlog from an event in Thailand without giving it away. Run, don’t walk—hit play and let the story unfold. I can’t quite understand the social dynamics at play with much of what’s shown, but at least several of the trucks are jaw-droppingly wild. That is not a Photoshop thumbnail. ^ via CB Media

Friday bonus • A rare model to begin with, the Mitsubishi Evolution IX wagon is forbidden fruit for enthusiasts who don’t live in Japan or a handful of export locations. That’s why I was a bit surprised to see this drive pop up from a garage in the UK that usually uploads videos focused on quirky models, not JDM unicorns. via Furious Driving (recommended)

Today’s edition is a bit shorter, but that means you have more time to load up a Spotify playlist like the relaxed 03 and leave your desk a little early to start the weekend. ;)


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