On track with the 585 horsepower Kia EV6 GT, Rich Rebuilds on the farm, and who do you believe in the Stellantis-GAC Group dispute?

Two long videos in one email, but this review was posted only hours ago and deserves your interest. Misha Charoudin, Nürburgring instructor, YouTuber, and Polestar 2 EV owner vlogs through his first drive of the KIA EV6 GT. imho, his approach is the new benchmark for 1-day recap of this manufacturer event. In other words, watch this super hatch get hustled by a pro with ESC fully turned off. via Misha Charoudin

Rich Rebuilds and his crew actually go work on a farm—with hilarious results. 

From a modern KIA EV to an automotive enthusiast and expert known for his EV builds.

This is not that. Listen closely to the opening voiceover, where Rich expresses his passionate support for Right To Repair legislation.

I, too, have similar feelings about it—writing about the increasing complexity of vehicles when I reviewed them was with full knowledge all of the new tech needs to be repaired eventually. Automakers, for their part, have made a complete mess of it.

THEN keep watching and laugh your ass off as the crew is introduced to actual farm work. Looks tough, is tough.

The joint venture “has not been able to establish a mutually trustworthy operating mechanism adapted to the highly competitive environment in China in order to turn the adverse situation of continuous losses in recent years,” GAC Group said.
via Jeep’s China Partner Blasts Stellantis CEO as Venture Crumbles • Bloomberg


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