Dive into a short burst of eclectic videos and cars, featuring a story about James May (as told by James May), flexible Formula 1 floors and a Ruf Porsche.

More than a few subscribers here used to be automotive writers. A few still are. If you don't know this story, it's stuff of legend and for sure takes me back to the year I wrote similar blurbs for a printed Auto Trader catalogue. Didn't get fired but wasn't asked back ;)
This short video is all you need to know—and as exciting as the thumbnail promises.

Kind of cheating here that this is news, but a few Formula 1 teams have made it news. Allegedly. This short and sweet explainer is all you need to know before the FIA amends the rules (again) before the upcoming French GP in a few weeks. Any significant changes here to the floor area and how deflection is measured may nerf the performance of a few top teams, but not Mercedes-AMG. It was apparently "shocked" this may have been exploited for performance.


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