In today’s General Motors-themed edition, I hope you’re ready to watch a Corvette take on the touge, learn about the new Cadillac Lyric thanks to savagegeese, the fastest GM ever, and the best neoclassic for sale…anywhere.

18m20 • Like all savagegeese reviews, this one’s full of easter eggs in the b-roll footage, so ensure you’re paying close attention to gags like showing an Android Auto voice search for the closest retirement home. Sounds like a nice, quiet EV in which to spend some time—are Cadillacs that cruise finally back? savagegeese on YouTube

(less than) 17m45 • Queued up for you: When Keiichi Tsuchiya begins a battle by saying, “I will destroy you,” well, it’s going to be one-sided. This embed starts from the good part, where the drivers take turns hustling a Corvette Z51 through a narrow mountain course, before finishing with an Initial D-rules touge battle with a Lexus LC500 S. • Best MOTORing official on YouTube

final lap 🏁




1987 Oldsmobile Aerotech

As hypercar after hypercar smashes the 200 mph barrier, never forget that in the 1980s, General Motors funded multiple generations of an experimental high-speed test vehicles, Aerotech. Weirdly, its recipe for performance is still quite current in 2022—lots of credit should go to Ed Welburn, at the time an assistant chief designer for Oldsmobile who led the program.

Based on a single seater March 84C CART (IndyCar) chassis, the first iteration here in 1987 had adjustable ground effects, 2.3-litre Quad 4 engine with 1,000+ horsepower…and top speed of 250 mph (403.8 km/h), as driven by AJ Foyt at the company’s Fort Stockton test track in Texas. • images via General Motors


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