Here’s to a simpler time: the 1998 Rajd Polski, the 2023 KG Auto La Bagnole, and an Italian-designed Isuzu classic for sale in the U.S.

La Bagnole (The Car) via

What’s a “rational toy”? It’s electric. It’s 283 kg (623 lbs). It has 650 L (22.9 cu. ft) of load space. Motivated by 480 Nm (354 lb-ft) of torque. And costs €10,900 taxes in. Why oh why can’t every off-road vehicle be as simple and focused as La Bagnole (The Car)? Pre-orders are open now. I’ve reached out and will see if I can arrange a more in-depth feature about the company’s minimalist philosophy. via

13m56: Presented entirely in English and lovingly encoded and uploaded to YouTube by the wonderful VHS Rallies channel, this is a short blast from the past and covers the entire 1998 Rajd Polski event. Three things: how little suspension travel the cars have, how close the spectators are, and how diverse the cars are. Years later, the rally winner was a member of the European Parliament—advocating for greener transport, lower emissions, and better urban planning—before trying off-road racing. via VHS Rallies on YouTube


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