Today, we evaluate affordable-ish, intensely reliable classic European vehicles, and I have another debut boxy EV for you from a new manufacturer, KG Motors.

What will it be? Volvo, Citroën, or Mercedes-Benz…Do you choose absolute reliability or, uh…reliability? These icons all cost far less than the average new car, and will probably be running, somehow, into the 2090s.

Yesterday, I featured an electric quadricycle from France. Today, I have for you an all-electric off-road kei van from Japan. Yesterday, the brand was KG Auto. Today, it’s the KG Motors T-BOX. The company’s latest day-in-the-life feature has English subtitles and the latest T-BOX milestone is pretty amusing to behold—warts and all. Upstart manufacturers should be this open with content; KG Motors has already earned more than 183,000 YouTube subscribers to date. via T-BOX build playlist.


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