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“We’re going to ensure electric muscle cars are a nightmare”—Dodge

lunchbox 88

Sound is an experience.

When it comes to flesh-and-blood vehicles, though, I need an experience that creates audible noise—from a fuel, electrons, or gazogene (Wikipedia)—but not an experience that resonates using sound detached from reality.

• via Porsche Design

People aren’t buying items from Porsche Design to satisfy some great need; it’s all about want—I get it.

In the world of Hi-Fi, you ain’t getting much for $12,000 Usd. anyway, so this is really for the collector who has people over, gives ‘em the tour, and pauses awkwardly for five minutes trying to “open a streaming app so you can hear this exhaust stere—”

“—but uncle, you have a 911 in the garage let’s instead listen to that?”

Some decorators insist that each room in every property has a “focal point”; wall-mounting a piano black plaque attached to a part that would have spewed poisonous gas (but is now closer to a Heimholtz resonator) is certainly going to draw my attention. If it’s just for looks and you don’t need the extra 100 watts of power in the newer version, make a few clicks on eBay and clear some shelf space for version 1.0.

Like it or not, if it’s a real Porsche the earliest examples will be worth the most…eventually. ;)

911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro – Ltd. • Porsche Design

Update on the ZEEKR 009 I wrote about in early August: it’s officially official. More on it tomorrow, but get acquainted today. Once you look past the grille, note that this slab van could have one of the best stances from factory…

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