Apart from another hilarious variant of the Mini EV, today is all about usable performance (and what happens when you use it).

I hope you’re smiling, ‘cause I’m smiling. Click-worthy cluckbucket cars don’t usually come fully cooked from factory, but Wuling has endowed its air-fried (no oil) Mini EV with at least as much tasty partnership energy as you’d get in a $5.99 lunch combo.

Are you ordering seconds or is Mini EV x KFC a meal you’ll never swallow? Let me know what your dream make / model / year partnership would be…I’m leaning toward a 2023 Buick Century van x the Olive Garden.

What do you get? Well, in China you might win a car—this partnership will be kicked off with a contest and as Car News China reports, “a series of themed activities”. Spicy.

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